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How much is it to rent a drink machine from Famously Frozen?
Our rental price is $125.00 for Margarita. A second Margarita is $90. We require a $100.00 deposit when your event is booked. The remaining balance is due when the machine is delivered.
What is the standard service package?
In addition to the machine, we provide the table and festive “theme” tablecloth. Cups and straws can be provided for approximately $10.00. Our mixes are made from REAL fruit juices (not Yucky syrup or powder) and come in five gallon containers. The mixes average $35.00 per container. There is typically a $45.00 delivery, setup and pick up fee, plus a small fee for multiple stairs. The machine weights approximately 190 pounds and the dimensions are 18"x24"x24". The machines are quiet, and can be operated indoors without annoying your guests. NO ICE is needed.
Are the machines easy to use?
Yes indeed! We show you how to use your machine upon delivery. We also leave clear, printed instructions. We also have a professional yet FUN staff member stay to serve you for an additional charge.
How many drinks does one batch yield?
One batch makes approximately 50 ten-ounce drinks. More than half of your guests will choose Margarita over other drinks you serve.
How long does it take to freeze?
We have immediate freeze machines! Outdoors - 10 minutes! Indoors - 8 minutes! There is NO "downtime" between batches; the reservoir tank light will flash when it is time to add more mix. One machine will deliver consistently frozen drinks for up to 100 guests. If more guests are expected, a second machine is strongly recommended.
Are there any special electrical considerations?
The device requires dedicated power and must be the only device plugged into that outlet.
What drink mixes are available?
Although we specialize in Margaritas, we also offer: Daiquiris, Piña Coladas Peach Bellinis, Passion Fruit, Hurricanes, Rum Runners, Orange Dreamsickle Mangoritas, Strawberry Margaritas, Raspberry Margaritas, Fruit Slushies, Coke Slushies, Frozen Cappuccino, and Mud Slides.
ALL MIXES ARE NON-ALCOHOLIC! However, some of our clients like to "Season to Taste" as appropriate.
Where have we seen you?
All over! Some of Famously Frozen's clients and events include: Alan Jackson, Jimmy Buffet, Kenny Chesney, Rascal Flatts, Sony Music, Warner Brothers, BMI, RCA, Inspired Communities, Graif Design, St Agnes Cathedral, Greater Columbia Chamber of Commerce, Home Builders Association of Greater Columbia, Sales and Marketing Council, Lake Carolina Elementary School, Homeowners Mortgage, ERA Wilder Realty, Moore Orthopedic Clinic, Riverbanks Zoo, Shumaker Homes, The Braces Place - Dr. Bob Garrison, and Hammond School.

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